VDSL bridge for UTP cable
  • Copper port 10/100/1000TX, RJ45
  • Extender port VDSL2, RJ45
  • Robust metal housing
  • Easy operation
  • Power supply 12-24VDC, power supply included
The PD-VDSL-MI1G is an Ethernet extender designed for wide-range Ethernet applications. It is equipped with an Ethernet port and a VDSL2 port (RJ-45 connector) in a metal housing for easy installation in harsh environments. It is a bridge modem. The VDSL2 technology used allows Ethernet signals to be transmitted over distances of up to 2km via a twisted pair cable. The PD-VDSL-MI1G supports both symmetrical and asymmetrical transmissions and can transmit at a data rate of up to approx. 100 Mbps. The extender can be mounted as a tabletop model or on a DIN rail with the optional PD-DIN-kit. With the 19" subrack PD-R2, up to 17 individual PD-VDSL-MI1G can be accommodated on 2U.

Video network special features

Differences VDSL2 to VDSL
These devices support VDSL2. Compared to VDSL1/VDSL, VDSL2 is more robust in transmission and also significantly faster. When using signal cables that have already been laid, the poorer VDSL transmission technology leads to problems more quickly, especially with video transmission, whereas the use of VDSL2 devices results in more stable and more powerful results.

More information

System notesThe simultaneous transmission of several VDSL lines via the same cable can lead to transmission problems due to crosstalk of the different signals in the cable. Ideally, therefore, each device connection is realised via separate cables.
If several cables have to be lined up on a connection route, it is important that these transitions are technically as good as possible. I.e. ideally, professionally assembled RJ45 plugs are used for the transitions. If this is not possible, e.g. when using telephone cables, care should be taken to ensure that the stranding of the wire pairs is kept to a minimum. The contact between the cores of the cables to be connected must be galvanically as good as possible.
Shielded cables can cause problems due to potential equalisation currents.
For installations, especially outdoors, it is recommended to protect the devices on the line side with a surge protector. We recommend the products of DEHN + SÖHNE GmbH + Co.KG for this purpose.

Technical data

General properties
supply voltage

12-24VDC, hollow plug 2.1 / 5.5
Incl. adapter for screw terminal

power consumption4,5W
operating temperature-20°C ... 65°C
dissipation loss15BTU/h
dimensions92mm x 74mm x  23mm, (LxWxH)
copper ports1 x 10/100/1000TX, RJ45
extender ports1 x VDSL2, RJ45
transmission cableCopper cable with twisted pairs, e.g. telephone cable Cat3
Transmission distanceThe values listed are approximate values without guarantee, measured on a Cat3 telephone cable.
The values mean: Distance [m] / Downstream data rate [MBit/s] / Upstream data rate [MBit/s].
100 / 95 / 95
250 / 80 / 60
350 / 55 / 45
600 / 25 / 20
850 / 15 / 10
1200 / 10 / 5
2000 / 5 / 2

Product variants


RJ45 to screw terminal adapter

Included accessories

Adapter hollow plug to screw terminal

Included accessories


Mounting plate for DIN rail
Must be ordered separately


19", 2U subrack for max. 17 units, must be ordered separately
Power supply 230VAC

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