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Overvoltage protection Ethernet 10/100/1000TX
RJ45 plug-in module, the overvoltage is dissipated via ground connection of the connected device
Data rates: 10/100/1000BaseT
PoE: IEEE 802.3af PoE, IEEE 802.3at PoE
EC 61000-4-2: ESD @ 15Kv (air), 8Kv (contact)
IEC 6100-4-5: Lightning @ 8/20us
EN61000-4-2: 2006
EN 55024


Power supply for various products of the VI series
Primary side: 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, max. 1.2A, 2-pole Euro plug
Secondary side:12VDC, 3.0A, hollow plug 5,5/2,1mm


PoE+ analyzer
Allows the transmission of data and PoE from the extender to the IP camera and the simultaneous connection of e.g. a laptop for viewing the video image.
The VI-00022 displays the PoE voltage and the transmitted PoE power in [W].
The device is equipped with 3 Ethernet ports 10/100/1000TX with RJ45
The VI-00022 also has an integrated WLAN access point with which the video image camera connected to the analyzer can be displayed on a remote laptop, for example.
Data rate: 10/100/1000MBit/s
PoE: IEEE802.3af/at
Operating temperature: -40°C ... +75°C


PoE analyzer
Allows the transmission of data and PoE from the extender to the IP camera and the simultaneous connection of e.g. a laptop for viewing the video image.
The VI-0021 displays the PoE voltage and the transmitted power in [W].
Data rate: 10/100MBit/s
PoE: IEEE802.3af/at
Operating temperature: -40°C ... +75°C


PoE Y-cable for the combination of two 30W-PoE+ ports to one &=W PoE++ connector
This allows e.g. a switch with PoE+ ports to be used to connect a PoE++ camera.
The camera must have a two-chip PoE++ electronics. One-chip PoE++ cannot be connected.
Switch-side two RJ45 connectors
camera side one RJ45 socket
Operating temperature: -40°C ... +75°C


10MBit/s Limitation
The devices of the VI-UTP-23xxA series switch autonomously between the data rates 10 and 100MBit/s, depending on the transfer length. With critical lengths this switching can occur repeatedly and disturb the data traffic. In this a case, the VI-0018 can set the extenders to the data rate of 10MBit/s by means of a simulated additional cable route and thus stabilize the data transmission.
Operating temperature: -40°C ... +75°C


Transition from BNC to 2-wire connection
If data and PoE are to be transmitted via only one wire pair,  VI-0030 be used in combination with the VI-COAX-24xxA series. The VI-0030 must be used on both sides of the transmission line.
Coax side connector: BNC male
Impedance on the coaxial side: 75Ohm
Plug 2-wire Side: Screw terminals
Operating temperature: -40°C ... +75°C


The VI-UTP-00026 requests the maximum IEEE 802.3at PoE power from the PoE source regardless of the PoE load power level.
There are many reasons why IP/PoE CCTV applications may require more power than the PoE terminal. This may be due to higher cable resistance, a current surge at start-up or functions such as day/night and LED start-up. Also, when using Ethernet extenders, the total PoE power required is higher than the power needs of the camera. The VI-UTP-00026 eliminates the possibility of a power shift between the camera's PoE power level and the total PoE power requirement for the entire connection, and avoids camera failures due to insufficient PoE power.
The VI-UTP-00026 PoE power class changer mitigates all these potential problems. With a built-in PD and PSE, the VI-UTP-00026 helps to bridge differences in power requirements and ensure more reliable connections.


SFP only compatible with the VI-3005 switch
Data rate 100MBit/s
2 fibres multimode, max. 2km
Connector LC-Duplex

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