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Media converters for 10/100BaseTX and 10/100/1000TX
  • Optical fibre port: 100BaseFX, SC-Duplex
  • Copper port: 10/100BaseTX, RJ45
  • Simple operation
  • Power supply: 5VDC, incl. power supply

This simple media converter can easily be integrated into a network and extends Ethernet connections with fiber optics.

Technical data

General properties
supply voltage5VDC, power supply included
Connector for power: DC connector 5, 5/2,5mm
power consumptionMax. 2W
operating temperature0°C to 50°C
dimensions94 x 71 x 26mm (LxWxH)
copper ports1 x 10/100BaseTX, 45RJ
1  x 10/100/1000TX, RJ45
optical fibre ports

1 x 100BaseFX, SC-Duplex
1 x 1000BaseFX, SFP LC-connector
Dual fiber devices: 1310nm
Single fiber devices: 1310/1550nm
Device with SFP, depending on SFP

We recommend the use of our barox SFPs. We do not test or guarantee the compatibility of our devices with SFPs of other manufacturers.

network properties
PoE Management
standards802.3 10BaseT 
 802.3u 100BaseT(X) and 100BaseFX 
 802.3X Flow controll

Product variants

LO-9500-M, LO-9500-S, LO-9500-BIA-S

LO-9500-M: 10/100, 2xMM SC-Duplex, max. 2km, 1310nm
LO-9500-S: 10/100, 2xSM SC-Duplex, max. 30km, 1310nm
LO-9500-BIA-S: 10/100, 1xSM SC, max. 10km, TX: 1310nm, RX: 1550nm


Copper port: 1x10/100/1000TX,
Fibre optic port: ATTENTION only 1GBit/s SFP
Without SFP, must be ordered separately.


19", 2U-rack for max. 14 media converters
redundant power included, 2x230VAC


back view


19", 1U-Rack for max. 4 media converters
Without power supplies, each converter must be powered individually

Version 10.02.2023, Changes without notice