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IP- / PoE-Repeater through UTP cables (paired cables)
  • IP/PoE-repeater for UTP cables
  • Distances up to 200m
  • PoE 802.1af, at and PoE++
  • No power supply needed in PoE mode
The VI-3002 is a 10/100Mbps Ethernet and PoE/PoE+/PoE++ repeater. The repeater allows to connect two or more UTP-Cat5/6 cables and thus to multiply the cable distance. The devices do not need any software configuration. Diagnostic LEDs provide an overview of the operating status. Due to the small dimensions, the repeaters can also be mounted in very confined spaces.

Technical data

General properties
supply voltageNo separate power supply required due to POE operation.
power consumption1W
operating temperature-10°C ... +70°C
dimensions23 x 25 x 69mm
copper ports2 x 10/100BaseT, RJ45, PoE, PoE+, PoE++
transmission cableIdeal type: Cat5e and superior
Transmission distanceThe repeater VI-3002 can transmit more than 100m cable on both sides. By combining several repeaters in a row, even greater distances can be covered. It should be noted that the PoE power decreases due to the voltage drop in the cable and the repeaters' own requirements.
Maximum number of repeaters, guideline values:
PoE Power Distance Number of VI-3002
60W 130m 1
25W 300m 2
5W 500m 4

Product variants


Version 28.08.2020, Changes without notice