IP67 IP- / PoE-Extender for UTP cable (twisted pair cables)
  • IP/PoE-Extender for UTP cables
  • Protection cases IP67
  • Distances up to 500m
  • PoE, PoE+, 802.1af and at
  • No power supply needed in PoE mode
The devices of the VI-UTP-2300W series transmit 10/100Mbps Ethernet and PoE/PoE+ with UTP or Cat cable up to a distance of 500m. The Pass Through technology allows to pass on the PoE power supply, e.g. of a midspan, directly via UTP or Cat cable. The devices do not need any software configuration. The VI-UTP-2300W is installed in an IP67 protected case and is therefore suitable for direct outdoor installation without any additional costs.

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The connection of several device pairs via the same cable can lead to transmission problems due to crosstalk between the different signals in the cable. Ideally, therefore, each device connection is realized via separate cables. If several cables have to be lined up on a connection section, it is important to carry out these transitions technically as well as possible. This means that ideally professionally assembled RJ45 connectors are used for the transitions. If this is not possible, e.g. when using telephone cables, care should be taken to unwind the stranding of the wire pairs as short as possible. The contact between the wires of the cables to be connected must be as good as possible. Shielded cables can cause problems due to potential equalisation currents. In particular, we do not recommend grounding the shields in the central unit when combining several cables in one central unit.


Technical data

General properties
supply voltagePower supply via PoE, the device cannot bei supplied locally.
operating temperature-40 up to +75°C
copper ports1 x 10/100BaseT, RJ45
The RJ45 connectors of the cables to be connected must be assembled in the field. The space available for this is limited. We recommend the modular connectors, RJ45 plugs from AMP. E.g. available from Farnell. See picture at the bottom of this data sheet.
extender ports1 x RJ45, 1, 2 or 4 pairs
transmission cableIdeale type: Cat5e and superior 
Further types:When using Cat3 cables (telephone cable) or bell wire, the possible distances are significantly reduced.
If Cat7 cables are used, the same distances can be expected as for Cat5e/Cat6. The shielding of the Cat7 cable must not be earthed.
Transmission distanceThe maximum transmission distance when using Cat5e cable or superior is approx. 500m.
When transmitting PoE, the power loss of the transmission distance must be taken into account.

Product variants


1-channel device, IP67
Power supply only through PoE

RJ45 connector AMP

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