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Optical Patchcable

Optical patch cables
  • Various connector types
  • Different cable types - and lengths
  • Various fibre types
Optical connection cables for the connection of a terminal device with a cable end cap, or a patch connection to a fibre optic distributor.
Below are some examples, other types on request.

Product variants


Optical patch cable Simplex
1 fiber Multimode 50/125um
Connector on both sides ST
Length 2m


Optical Patch Cable Duplex
2 fibers Singlemode 9/125um
Connector on both sides LC
Length 2m


Optical patch cable Simplex
1 fiber singlemode 9/125um
Plug on both sides E2000-HRL (High Return Loss: 8° angled)
Length 2m

Version 20.09.2018, Changes without notice